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Nylon Braided Hat Band - Gold

Nylon Braided Hat Band - Gold

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Artisan made in the Yucatán, we are so lucky to have these unique bands. Adorned with tassels on either end, this band is meant to make a statement. This braided cord is long enough to wrap around the hat twice. We recommend tying the band in a square knot. 

Daniela Bustos Maya is an Argentinian fashion designer now based in Mexico. Daniela wants to honor and show respect for Mexico, without detaching herself from the influences of her Argentinian upbringing. The studio generates jobs in the community by providing job opportunities to artisans from all around the state, providing a fair and ethical wage, which promotes economic flow in surrounding communities. In the same way, they promote the use of techniques passed down from generation to generation, achieving an avant-garde design based on a rich ancestral history and creating pieces with not only material value, but sentimental as well. All the materials used in Daniela Bustos Maya are made in Mexico by Mexican artisans.


.4" Thick, 55" Length

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