Do you sell hats online? 

Due to the custom nature of our hat shaping and sizing, we do not sell hats in our online shop.  Please come and visit us! We are open everyday.

Do you ship hats? 

We do not ship hats from the shop.  We are a small team and do not have the bandwidth to handle large item shipping.  If you’d like to ship your hat, however, we offer complimentary hat boxes for felt hats, otherwise they are $5. These are the nearest shipping facilities:

  • UPS - 2407 S Congress Ave Ste E, Austin, TX 78704
  • USPS - 3903 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704
  • FedEx Shipsite in Office Depot - 2101 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

      Are walk-ins welcome for custom shaping? 

      Yes, walk-ins is how we do things at Maufrais! It’s worth noting Monday through Thursday are relatively slower compared to the weekend (Friday-Sunday).  If you are coming in to do a custom shape, please come at least 1 hr before close!  The process can take up to an hour.

      How do I determine my hat size? 

      We assist you in finding the right size in the shop!  If you’re curious, Stetson has a guide on how to measure your head and determine your hat size.  View it here.

      What is the price point of the hats? 

      We have two experiences here at Maufrais. The first is pre-shaped felt and straw hats that range from $140-$345. The other is a top-to-bottom hand shaping experience with hats that range from $500-$675. Shaping is included. 

      What is the hat shaping process and how long does it take?  

      First, we get you properly sized, discuss color options as well as crown and brim styles. Then we start shaping!  We have hat bands, feathers and pins for additional customization.  The whole process takes between 25 minutes to an hour. 

      Can I book a private event? 

      We accommodate corporate, family and other social events for groups of 10 or more guests. Learn more on our Events FAQ page. For inquiries please email us at hello@maufrais.shop. 

      Can I bring my personal hat to be styled, cleaned, or reshaped?  

      Due to increased seasonal traffic and demand for 3rd party hat services, we have had to update our policies and can no longer reshape, style or clean 3rd party hats. 

      How do I clean my hat? 

      We recommend three tools - a horse hair brush, a lint roller, and a bit of high grit sandpaper (120-200 grit).

      • Use the horse hair brush to knock off larger debris and get into the creases. 
      • Lint rollers are great for picking up any deeper ingrained particles. 
      • Sand paper is used to buff out stains. 
      • If you do get a stain on your hat, wait for the stain to dry 24 hours before buff.
      • Brush felt counterclockwise to finish.

          Do I need to tip my shaper? 

          Tipping your shaper is not necessary, but always greatly appreciated :)