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Collins Incense - Do Not Disturb Incense

Collins Incense - Do Not Disturb Incense

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Subtle floral scent of lavender helps to calm and focus the mind.

70 sticks of incense that burn for 15-20 minutes each. Sturdy metal case the can be carried anywhere. Incense clip included. Natural Ingredients. Top can be used as burning tray. Quick start guide included.

Experience the essence of Korean incense with Collins Incense Sticks. Made using the ancient "Sun-hyang" technique, these bamboo-free sticks combine wood and oil, offering a healthier and delicately scented experience. Handcrafted by a renowned master with 25+ years of expertise, Collins Incense Sticks take you on a unique sensory journey.


4.125" x W 2.5" H x 0.625" D

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