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Swinbank Silk Band - Warm Tones

Swinbank Silk Band - Warm Tones

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We use deadstock silk to match and pair different colors to create layers and texture. Start with one end and wrap the silk around the circumference of the crown. Pull it taught and overlap it on itself. Start wrapping the remainder of the silk around to cover or reveal the colors. These bands are meant to wrap around 3-4 times. Let the knots speak for themselves, don’t worry, they add to the texture! Tie the two ends together on the left side of the hat. Trim excess or tuck in the tails! 

Silk and cotton frays naturally. Take a pair of scissors and trim any unwanted threads that might come loose while styling. A little hot glue goes a long way, so if you’re struggling to keep your band in place, dab a bit and voila! Everything will be a bit more secure for you. 

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1.5" Thick, 105" Length

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